Unifyed Publish

An Advanced Content Management System for Higher-Ed

Unifyed Publish is an extremely easy-to-use content management system that lets you create, edit and publish web content. Leverage powerful capabilities such as easy-to-use editor, CMS apps, intuitive search and automatic WCAG compliance testing. and to make beautiful, accessible websites and intranets


Easy-To-Use Editor & Workflow

Create, edit and publish content with a quick turnaround time with the easy-to-use editor and multi-level workflow of Unifyed Publish. Complete the whole content creation and publishing cycle in a few simple steps – select content type, edit the template, get approval and publish.

Unifyed Publish Apps

Pick and drop your favorite apps (Grades, Financial Aid etc.) integrated with ERP/LMS to the public/intranet website with a single click. Push content to mobile devices in real-time. Add agility and ease to content management or make and save changes – big or small; all it takes is a few clicks. The best part is that you do not have to write a single code to perform all these tasks.

Easy Management of Intranet and Public Websites

Push content seamlessly between the intranet and your public website. Use access control to ensure that the right content is available to the right audience. Leverage the CMS’s multi-lingual support capabilities to publish content in different languages thereby catering to a diverse set of users.

Automatic WCAG Compliance Testing

Be rest assured that your content is WCAG/ADA compliant and is ready to be published as soon as it is created. Unifyed Publish uses CKeditor that automatically checks the content for WCAG/ADA compliance. You can achieve GDPR compliance using the in-built capabilities of the CMS.

Intuitive Search Function

Save the time of your administrators in finding and editing the existing content on the CMS. They can refine the search by using keywords, metadata, and tags to get accurate results.


Unifyed Publish enables higher education institutions to:

Create content within a quick turnaround time

With easy-to-use editor, self-explanatory workflow and simple user interface all sorts of content can be generated with a quick turnaround time.

Create mobile-friendly content

Unifyed Publish is responsive, which means that the content created on this platform can be accessed very easily on all sorts of mobile devices. This feature comes in handy when institutions have to engage with students.

Secure information

Unifyed Publish enables institutions to define who can access, edit and read the content, thus making sure that the information is secure.

Save Cost

To create and disseminate content on Unifyed Publish, users do not require any programming skills or technical knowledge which means no extra cost in hiring expensive technical resources to work on the content management system.