Unifyed Finance

Get Your Finances & Accounting Processes Streamlined & Better Manage Cashflow

Unifyed Student – Finance is powered by SAP By Design supports higher ed institutions in bringing much-needed transparency in their financial matters. Now get real-time bird’s-eye view of your financial condition, streamline and simplify accounting processes, and manage all the cash and liquidity with ease.

Few capabilities and benefits of Unifyed Finance:


Real-time & comprehensive
financial reporting & analytics


Gain campus-wide integration of
all your processes


Easily maintain multiple sets of books
using different accounting standards


Better control over liquidity


Automate tasks and accelerate
employee performance


Streamline and expedite your
financial operations

Unifyed Finance provides institutions with two important modules to
manage all financial matters:

1. Financial and Management Accounting:

Unifyed Student – Finance enables integration of core business process and financials so that your institution has a single, up-to-date view of the financial state of the institution.

The Financial and Management Accounting is relevant for institutions who need support for:

  • General ledger
  • Fixed assets
  • Inventory
  • Management accounting
  • Consolidation

2. Cashflow Management:

Cashflow Management in Unifyed Student – Finance supports higher ed institutions in tracking and optimizing cash flow and keeping tight control of receivables, payables, payments, and liquidity.

Cashflow Management is relevant for institutions who need support for:

  • Payables/receivables
  • Payment and liquidity management
  • Tax management
  • Travel and expenses

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