Why Unifyed

Higher Education Expertise

Unifyed’s product is built in collaboration between Unifyed’s product development team and college and universities representatives through a working group process to address the unique student engagement and digital transformation needs of higher education. This has led to unique features such as Unifyed App Sharing, that enables institutions to share apps amongst each other, which helps institutions avoid reinventing the wheel. This also means that as more colleges and universities select Unifyed, the ‘power of the crowd’ increases and more apps are available for the community.

Unifyed is 50% less expensive than, Ellucian®, Modolabs® and other vendors. We pride ourselves in being built “by and for higher education” and have taken considerable measures to ensure we provide solutions that are affordable and meet the needs of our campuses.

The Unifyed Digital Campus provides a seamless end user experience across web, mobile and native mobile apps. Unifyed’s intuitive UI makes it really easy to use and provides a customized experience to users.

We, at Unifyed, understand that each institution and department is different. We customize our solutions to fit your specific needs.

  • Institution Specific Branding
  • Integrate with Your Backend Systems
  • Choose from Repository of Apps
  • Self Service Platform
  • Tailormade Features

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