AI-Based Student Recruiting
CRM & Admissions

I-Made Student – Admit is a student recruiting CRM and admissions module designed specifically for higher education. This module enables students to show interest in programs, apply from any smartphone or web browser, be kept informed about admissions decisions and sets up pre-matriculation. This module enables recruiters to import data from EAB Royall and other sources, assign recruiters, run campaigns to attract prospects, track all communication with prospects and determine campaign effectiveness. It also enables admissions to import application data from Common Application, test scores such as College Board and other data sources, define acceptance policies to programs, create custom applications, assign counselors, review applicants, update and track communication with applicants via checklists and analyze the admissions funnel.  This module is integrated with I-Made Student – Manage, I-Made Student – Financial Aid and other enterprise applications using out-of-the-box, modern, RESTful Web Services-based APIs (JSON). I-Made Student – Admit can also stand alone and push recruiting and admissions data to any third-party student system using RESTful Web Services-based APIs (JSON).

I-Made Student – Admit

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