Switch to I-Made

Switch To I-Made

Switch to I-made in 4 Weeks

We make switching to I-made easy. In a matter of just 4 weeks, we can simply and securely transfer all of your system integrations, content and branding.
4 weeks to migrate to I-made – it’s that easy.

Transferring your Content

I-made can move all of your existing content and ensure your content is up to date. When you move to I-made, you needn’t worry about transferring all of your content when switching from your current solutions provider.

More Features, Less Cost

With I-made, you can choose from a repository of apps ranging from I-made Foodie, Attendance, Connect (What’s Up) to Academics, Social Networking and Campus Safety, to schedule relevant and timely communications easily through push notifications, in-app banner messages and other key personalized channels.

Save Money

Even with features like institution specific branding, integration with your backend systems, self-service platform and tailor-made features, I-made is 50% less expensive than, Ellucian®, Modolabs® and other vendors. We provide solutions that are affordable and meet the needs of your campuses.

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