Students Registration

Students Registration

Students registration eases and simplifies the process of class registration for students. Users can select the classes and make the required payments on-the-go through the app. The mobile-first design allows the students to register from any device – mobile, desktop or tablet.

Improved Student Engagement

Engage students by providing a hassle-free experience to the registration process.

End-to-End Registration Solution

An end-to-end solution, that automates the registration process, from selecting the classes to providing the status of your application.

Student Empowerment

Device-friendly, self-service access to class registration process eliminates dependencies and the need for students to physically visit the department.

Cloud-Based Solution

Best-in-class student registration system hosted on the cloud for higher uptime and student convenience.

Add/Drop Class

Allows the students to add/drop classes for a particular term, avoiding the typical offline application process with multiple layers of hierarchy.

Registration Status

Once the students have completed the process of selecting/dropping classes, this feature helps them track the progress of their application.