Unifyed Books

Unifyed Books

Students are actively looking out for books to buy, sell or rent. Unifyed books is a one-stop-shop that brings together the most popular e-commerce platforms to help students find the right book at the right price.

Multiple Sources, Single Platform

Books from multiple sources brought to one platform for a wider range of options, eliminating the hassle to switch between apps.

Buy, Rent and Sell

Students can buy, rent, or sell books through an intuitive UI.

Easy Access to Books

Provide students with an extensive library to eliminate dependencies on resource availability and physical commute to bookstores.

Improved Academic Outcomes

With greater resources come greater results – enable your students to score better with access to extensive course content.

Reduced Costs

Exclusive online discounts and renting books can help students lessen the expenses.

Price Comparison

Price and condition of the book can be checked and compared before the transaction.