Classroom Availability

Classroom Availability

Whether you have classrooms, laboratories, computer rooms or something similar, managing these kinds of “spaces” can be a challenge. Unifyed Classroom Availability was created to solve these problems and allow you to manage your spaces better. If you want to save time and reduce administration, look no further.

Heads Uppercase

Unifyed Classroom Availability app allows the students to locate classrooms across the campus. The app finds classrooms based on user-defined filters, such as building, location and desired attributes like lab equipment, music instruments and more.

Select Desired Attributes

Freedom for students to select desired attributes for the required classroom, such as music instruments, computer lab, etc.

Inventory Management

Academic departments can determine if the room inventory matches the course requirements to effectively manage inventory.

SIS Integration

Integrates with your existing SIS to search classes against the selected attributes and show desired results.

Saves Time

Automates the labor-intensive process for searching the classroom.

Intuitive UI

Intuitive user interface with interactive drop down menu/s and list of rooms for a hassle-free experience.

Accurate Location and Availability

Updates inventory in real-time to improve search results and avoid any confusion.